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HONN jewelry is designed and handcrafted to last for many years to come, but all precious jewelry will naturally get dirty and lose its luster after a few years of wear. To help you enjoy your jewelry for a longer period, we recommend following a few tips:

· Always avoid exposing your jewelry to impacts, scratches, chemicals, sweat, sunlight, and extreme heat or cold.

· Your jewelry will naturally age and dull over time, so if you want to keep your jewelry in perfect condition, clean it regularly with a professional jewelry cleaning product or a soft cloth. Again, avoiding chemicals and sweat will also reduce the risk of your jewelry becoming dull quickly. Never swim with your jewelry, as chlorine in pools increases the risk of dulling. Also avoid wearing your jewelry when showering and sleeping.

· To prevent your ring from bending or your set stones from loosening (worse, losing a stone), avoid wearing your jewelry when cleaning, gardening, or performing other physical activities.

How to clean your fine jewelry by yourself:

· Cleaning gold jewelry is best done with warm water and non-detergent soap. Thoroughly dry your jewelry after exposure to water.

· Use non-abrasive polishing cloths.

· Diamonds can be cleaned in an ammonia and water solution (6 parts water to 1 part ammonia). Be sure to thoroughly rinse the jewelry in warm water after cleaning and use a soft cloth to dry.

· Most gemstone jewelry can be cleaned in a mild soap and warm water solution or with a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner using a soft brush.

· Do not use paper towels to clean gemstones as they can cause scratches.

Tips for storing your fine jewelry:

· Find a secure storage location

· Store jewelry by type

· Clean jewelry before storing

· Use soft fabric lining