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”Button of Peace”

Behold the antique amber of old Europe,
Afloat with shimmering hues and floating light,
Its texture rich and soft, a sight to covet,
With platinum and diamonds that shine so bright.

Embellished with green chalcedony rare,
Its extraordinary beauty to behold,
The outer circle,chaotic and raw,
The inner circle, tranquil and bold.

A rotatable design with hidden charm,
A symbol of hope and peace it brings,
The peace button,a powerful charm,
For good health, longevity, and happy things.

“Riding the Wind”

A shield with amber, strong and still,
Locust wings poised, to ride at will.
Balance in spots, calm and serene,
Tranquility reigns, in winds so serene.

“The Key”

In times of yore,
Atop the earth's unreachable peak,
Two dinosaur feathers soar,
Across time,their presence to speak.

Silken textures grace their form,
As diamonds shimmer and gleam,
A key they become,
Unlocking a timeless dream.