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The Sapphire is a gemstone known for its beautiful blue color. It is a variety of the mineral corundum, which is composed of aluminum oxide. While corundum can occur in various colors, the blue variety is specifically called sapphire. Sapphires are valued for their rich color, durability, and overall beauty. They are one of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry, particularly in engagement rings and other types of fine jewelry. Sapphires are also the birthstone for the month of September.

In addition to blue, sapphires can occur in other colors such as pink, yellow, green, purple, and orange. These different colors are caused by the presence of certain trace elements in the crystal structure of the corundum. Sapphires have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, making them one of the hardest gemstones,second only to diamonds. This hardness contributes to their durability and makes them suitable for everyday wear.

Historically, sapphires have been associated with royalty and nobility, symbolizing wisdom, loyalty, and nobility. They have been used as adornments by ancient civilizations and are mentioned in various religious and cultural texts. Today, sapphires are mined in several countries around the world, including Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Madagascar, Australia, Thailand, and the United States. They are then cut and polished to enhance their brilliance and color before being used in jewelry or other decorative items.

HONN hearts Sapphire from day one. We have from the very beginning of our starting days made exquisite sapphire jewelry. Word of mouth spread and customers started to associate Sapphire engagement rings with HONN. Naturally Sapphire became a signature stone at HONN. We offer Sapphire stones in different shapes, design and color. If you prefer a pink, yellow, red, green, blue-green or any other possible color (hue) of Sapphire, we can help you with that.

Sapphires come in a variety of colors. Preferred sapphires have strong to vivid color saturation, regardless of hue. HONN offers a variety of qualities in sapphire. Have a specific request? get in contact with us and we will help you with that.