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You have 3 years of warranty on all our jewelry. Remember to never wear your rings at times when extra wear and tear may occur, such as exercising, gardening, washing, sleeping and activities like. Precious metals erode and stones can become damaged over time. When normal wear and tear occurs, repairs can be done in house by our expert staff at the repair fee of 90 USD.  Any work performed by a jeweler other than Honn Fine Jewelry automatically voids the warranty. 

At Honn Fine Jewelry all diamonds over 0.3 carat, will have a GIA certificate included, which guarantees the authenticity of your diamond.
Lab Grown Diamonds: Honn's provides a certificate for every lab-grown diamond over 0.3 carats, as a sign of commitment to quality and transparency.

If any small accent gems break or fall out of their settings in the first year after we create the ring or within a year of us performing maintenance on the ring, we'll replace them free of charge.